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Why do People DAB?
Why do People DAB?

Why do People DAB?

You’re probably very familiar with smoking, vaping, Dabbing and consuming edibles when it comes to marijuana consumption. Those familiar ways of marijuana intake have been around for ages. You’re probably comfortable with how you feel when you consume marijuana those ways. What you like when it comes to choosing a method of consumption.

But dabbing is one of the newest trends in marijuana consumption – and no, it’s not related to the viral Cam Newton arm motion.

So what is dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated cannabis oil. By putting the oil on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize, you’ll find yourself consuming nothing but the oil’s significant effect and flavor during the process.

How is this different from consuming marijuana in other tried and true ways, like smoking and vaping?

Dabbing, in a sense, is a way of getting the immediate high that you might normally have to smoke a few joints to achieve. Instead of taking the long way around it and smoking for a half hour until you’ve finished your bowl or joint. You can take a single jab and get the immediate, strong high that you’re searching for.

Dabbing is something that you might want to work yourself up to by vaping first. Just so you’re not thrown completely off by how it feels to consume the concentrated cannabis. But if you’re ready to dive in, make sure that you take a small amount at a low temperature for your first time. You won’t regret it.

The effects of dabbing aren’t the only thing that’s more potent through this method of consumption – the flavoring is more potent as well. You’ll find yourself tasting a unique and aromatic flavor profile. When you try dabbing that’s more potent than you might taste consuming through other methods.

Why do you get such a strong high from dabbing?

The concentrate that you’re consuming are the essential oils of the cannabis plant. The concentrated matter is very pure, containing between 50-95% pure THC, just depending on the extraction. It’s not so much that the high you get makes you less controllable and clear-minded. The high actually feels like you have more control, and you experience a much clearer mind. When you consume cannabis through smoking, you might feel a high that’s a little sleepier and foggier than dab.bing.

If you’re a medical marijuana consumer, da-bbing is potentially a valuable choice for you to consider. Instead of consuming a larger amount to get the effect that you need. Dabbing offers the opportunity to consume less, but achieve the feeling that you want on a larger scale.

Da-bbing also means that you’re not consuming smoke as you might. If you’re consuming cannabis through a joint, pipe or bowl – you’re only inhaling the vapor. Which creates a milder cloud of smoke and isn’t as harsh on your lungs. And, it’s more discreet – you can dab without creating the potent smell of marijuana, which means it’s a more viable option for those who want to smoke without alerting their neighbors.


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