Forum Rules

Forum Rules is DabJuice Inc’s Community based chat Forum. There you will find discussion boards highlighting different topics such as: 

<> Favorite Terpene Brands

<> Member Recipes

<> Mixing Strategies

<> Favorite Cartridge Manufacturers 

<>General Discussion

Please read, understand, and accept the following Rules, in order to proceed to the Community. 

  1. Treat Each other With Respect. 
  2. ZERO tolerance for Harassment, stalking, racism, bigotry, threats, blackmailing, or illegal drug activities (Keep it off the boards people).
  3.  Keep your Profile Signatures – G Rated. 
  4. If you need help, ask a moderator! 
  5. If you feel threatened, scared, or harassed, please report the activity, immediately and we will investigate. 
  6. Questions/Concerns? Email us at [email protected]
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